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What is Debt Relief Aid?

Debt relief is often something you seek when you are pressured due to current financial troubles. This site is designed to help you understand what credit counseling, debt consolidation, debt settlement, and debt management is all about. You may have heard these words before and feel they are all the same; however, a few of the phrases actually have a separate meaning. Debt relief can be in the form of credit card debt consolidation loans, debt settlement, management or negotiation.

First, when the economy is creating job loss and other financial issues it means we tend to suffer, so finding a legitimate, reliable, and respectable answer to our debt reduction is imperative. There is a high demand for such companies, but you may have trouble finding one that you can trust. After all, there are financial experts and debt counseling help advisers everywhere. You see them on TV ads, billboards, and websites, but how do you know you can trust these companies? The answer is to find an expert that offers you true and professional advice regarding debt relief; an expert that understands what you need to relieve your financial burden, to avoid losing your home, and the embarrassment you might feel. My site and the following is designed to help you understand what debt relief can be provided and how.

Debt Negotiation or Settlement - often these two words are interchanged. Negotiation is needed for settlement. The debt consolidation company will approach the creditors to seek a settlement amount you can pay. They negotiate to come to an agreement.

Debt Management - this is where a plan is created based on your allowable monthly budget to pay off your debts one at a time. It may not involve settlement or any lump sum payments.

Debt Consolidation - this can be lumped into a negotiation or settlement in which your finances are consolidated into a loan.    The loan pays off your creditors then you pay monthly installments to the consolidation company.

Now that you understand what debt reduction processes exist and a bit of definition into them, we can  look at how this site will review the debt relief companies out there.

Remember the Following:

-Debt relief is best when you owe more than $5,000.

-The relief you need can be difficult with some of the financial creditors you owe meaning that certain places you owe or certain financial burdens may not be solved through a debt reduction option.

-When examining debt relief companies it was found that some are reviewed by non-experts. It does make it difficult for you to find a company you can trust and to stay out of bankruptcy. You need to find professional credit card debt relief solutions through reputable companies.

 -It is possible to save around 50 to 60 percent of your financial burden depending on the creditors involved. There are factors such as delinquency, the state you live in, and the purchases your financial burden was created with. Your financial situation can also determine what credit card debt settlement option might work. There are reports in Canada and the US that up to 89 percent can be saved with the proper credit card debt settlement. Depending on the situation you still have to pay at least a portion of the financial amount back; however, you might find you only need to pay a third of it when you seek card debt relief solutions.

To help you find the debt counseling help and any debt reduction you need this site focuses on reviewing various companies. The following are three sites I would recommend for debt relief.


Your Best Choice for Debt Relief

National Debt ReliefNational Debt Relief was rated  the number one  debt relief company in 2015.They offer a wide range of programs such as credit counseling, debt negotiation, and debt settlement. This company has provided debt counseling help since 2002. They began offering their debt reduction services in the USA.  is part  of the  TASC and is in good standing. They are also one of the largest debt management companies available today with one of the highest ratings from the consumer watchdog.

When you are about to obtain debt relief with a company it is always a good idea to seek the online business bureau to see if the company is listed like National Debt Relief is. This is yet another reason to go with this debt settlement company. They are in the Better Business Bureau with good standing. Their negotiators have worked well to establish new contacts with credit card companies and other creditors in order to offer credit card debt settlement. Anyone with $250,000 or more in debt can find that the company will help you with debt help all at once. They will not start with $10,000 and then work on the rest one by one. Instead, they make certain to get you a solution for all of your financial burden to ensure you have a quick and as painless solution as possible for your debt consolidation.

You can speak with the individual working on your case and providing you the debt counseling help. No matter when you have a question it is possible to reach the person offering you credit counseling and debt negotiation. works with the Commercial Credit Counseling division. Browse through the National Debt Relief website to read any of the testimonials available. The letters and testimonials show debt counseling help has offered up to 89 percent in savings. With free credit counseling it is possible to get your questions answered and speak with knowledgeable counselors regarding your credit counseling. In summary you can save 50 to 89 percent on your monetary situation with debt settlement solutions because they take the time to find relationships for their debt negotiation. They also provide credit counseling to those who need it.

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Recommended CuraDebt Debt Relief Company

CuraDebt Debt is my second choice for recommending credit counseling and debt relief. It does not mean it is inferior to, but there are things such as awards that has that makes it number one. As a second choice I would still recommend this particular site and credit counseling program to individuals first depending on the debtor’s situation. CuraDebt provides plenty of resources online such as videos and facts regarding credit card debt consolidation loans. They offer comparisons of products and services to help you find that they are the company for you.

Statistics show that 125 million Americans have credit scores they are able to estimate within 50 points. In other words, when asked they are roughly 50 points around the true score. Credit counseling through CuraDebt works to make certain they know the exact score. In this way they are able to offer debt help.

This financial site helps one find posts regarding credit cards, loans, and other credit forms. The site will help one realize if they can get a home purchased or if their current economic troubles require a little help like consolidation or settlement. The staff members at this site are counselors and experts who have been involved in the financial relief world for years. It is one site that has appeared on television offering free credit tools, reports, scores, and credit card comparison. This site can help you find a loan or credit card.

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Recommended Debt Consolidation Care Company

Debt Consolidation is one debt relief solution available to you through the web. It is also my third recommended site. This company has operated as a credit counseling business, as well as offering you solutions to your financial situation for many years.

Credit cards are a nasty cycle to get into. It can take most individuals 38 years to pay off their current financial burden on credit cards if they make the minimum payment only and do not add any more to their current balance. This is due to the interest charged. If there are defaults occurring it can make debt relief a little harder, but still credit counseling solutions to stop the default and spending behavior can help. Credit counseling looks at the reason why someone might over spend and then provides debt help that makes a difference.

It is up to you to find the credit counseling that will work like that offered through the company Debt Consolidation Care. They may be able to help you with credit card debt consolidation loans or another solution that will best fit your needs. As a company they are trustworthy and have provided numerous families with the solutions they needed.

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Obviously you know what you require due to your financial burden or at least what you want to happen. With this goal in mind see what the various companies say. If you like what they are offering then it is time to work with the company most suited to your needs.Debt relief has numerous options, thus find the one that is suitable for you.