You might be shocked to learn how much you’re overpaying for car insurance

Studies show that most drivers are still paying too much for car insurance.

There are some things in life you can’t control, like death and taxes. But one of the things you can control is how much you pay for car insurance.

Auto InsuranceI know what you’re thinking: insurance rates are largely non-negotiable. And well, yes, that’s true. You won’t get very far trying to negotiate lower rates with your insurance carrier unless you sacrifice some coverage.

However, in the face of emerging insurtech, insurance carriers are struggling to stay competitive– and the hidden opportunities for consumers to pay less or get more out of their auto insurance policy are ripe for the taking.

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How to learn how much less you could be paying for auto insurance

Auto Insurance ReviewsBut don’t expect your current auto insurance carrier to come right out and offer you a reduced auto insurance rate. You’ll have to shop around to see the savings out there, and your insurance company is betting that you won’t bother.

For example, did you know you could get a large discount just for using this new service? If you are currently insured and live in a qualified ZIP code you may get an even higher discount.

Tip - Even if you prepaid your car insurance policy, you won’t lose money by switching. Insurance companies are required to return the difference if you switch coverage before the end of your policy.

Part of the reason that most consumers don’t know how much they’re overpaying for auto insurance is because it takes quite a bit of work to request a quote from an auto insurer. Even with online quoting services, you’re forced to divulge your personal information, much of which has not been dedicated to memory, and spend time entering it into their website.

An hour or so later, you may have one quote from one insurance company. But that’s not really enough to make an educated decision now is it?

So What Can You Do If You’re Overpaying for Car Insurance?

Here is one easy rule to follow:

Car Insurance ReviewsYou have to compare quotes. For a long time, there was no easy way to compare quotes from all the big auto insurers. Now, all that has changed. Thanks to Car Insurance Dojo, you can now compare dozens of car insurance quotes in one easy process.

Already a lot of smart drivers out there are figuring out how to cut down their insurance bill using free internet tools like this. It’s not surprising that with so many drivers, money-saving services like these are gaining momentum.

Car Insurance Dojo is disrupting auto insurance by connecting savvy auto insurance shoppers with the car insurance rate that fits their budget. Just imagine what you could do with the money you save!

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