Should You Fear Debt Consolidation?

Debt Consolidation GuideDepending on what Internet site, magazine, or newspaper you read, you might find negative words about debt consolidation. One person might say it is the most dangerous way for you to relieve your debt issues. Another might say it is the most magical way to get out of debt. It makes you wonder if you should fear anything said about consolidating your debts whether it is positive or negative. The truth is in the middle of most statements about debt consolidation. What a site trying to sell you consolidation might not tell you is that debt relief option is not for everyone. Another person might not tell you the entire story about their debt; therefore, you do not know why it didn’t work for them.

Debt Consolidation Help

This website is not trying to sell you on the idea that debt consolidation is your only choice. Instead, this site was created as a review place. You will find 22 companies with in depth reviews provided. I do not review a company unless it passes my screening process. Unless I would use the company for myself I would never recommend it to you. I do want you to find a debt solution to your problem and I want to make it easier for you. To do that you have to trust me and what I am showing you. It is important that you realize I am paid for the reviews I do allowing the information to debt consolidation seekers like you to use my site for free. I am paid in different ways from straight up payment to other incentives; however, I do not take just any job. Every day I have thousands of emails that come in, but only a few of the companies truly get reviewed.

My process for vetting a company is rigid. I look at specific parameters such as their accreditation, history, and above all else their employees. It helps you trust in what I have to say, but more than anything it helps you with your debt consolidation problem.

Going back for a moment you need to realize that debt consolidation is for a person willing to pay their debts in full. You may be able to negotiate your debts down through a debt negotiation process in the same company. A negotiator will certainly try to lower your debts; however, it does not always work. The main root behind debt consolidation is to combine all of your debts into one affordable loan.

Debt Consolidation ReviewsFor example if you have $10,000 on one credit card with 18% interest, $15,000 at 15% interest, and $25,000 on a card with 20% interest you are essentially paying 53% in annual interest each year. There is no way to pay your debts off quickly in this situation, especially if you are only paying minimum payments. Debt consolidation is going to put all $50,000 of your debt into one loan with one interest payment. It might be 25% interest, but that is much better than 53%. The hope is for the debts to be lowered or at least provide a lower minimum payment. For instance, if you pay $130, $200, and $125 to your debts you are spending $455 a month. If you could get your minimum payment to $300 but still pay $455 per month you would pay more to the principle of the loan. Debt consolidation tries to make this happen. It does not work for everyone, which is why you have a choice in other debt relief as well as a choice in the companies you choose to use for your debt relief.

National Debt Relief Company

National Debt ReliefNational Debt Relief is the number one recommended company for debt consolidation that I offer you. It has been rated by more than me including receiving an award in 2017 to make it the number one choice. It is accredited through the BBB and AFCC. The company offers a range of solutions to you including credit counseling, debt settlement, and debt consolidation. As a company started in 2002 it is one of the older debt solution corporations that you will find online or in person. The company works for almost all USA states.

One of the attributes of National Debt Relief is that they begin with your entire debt. They will not start with a small portion such as one creditor and negotiate or consolidate it. They will work with all your creditors to try and find a lower payment amount, and then structure a loan around the remaining balance. In this way you do not have to feel the pressure of your financial troubles. At any time you have questions you can speak with your credit counselor, negotiator, and other debt team members.

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Freedom Debt Relief

Freedom Debt ReliefFreedom Debt Relief has offered debt consolidation since 2002 and is my second recommendation to you for your money troubles. Freedom Debt Relief provides a plethora of resources online that will impress you, help you, and ensure you stay out of debt once you have found relief. It is possible to compare their products and services with other companies, so that you feel and know you have the right debt relief solution.

One of the more interesting facts shared on their site is that 125 million Americans can estimate their credit scores to about 50 points within the actual score. Freedom Debt Relief ensures you know what your current score is and works to help you improve that score once your debt solutions are found. They have helped with thousands of other clients to provide Tax Debt Relief. Debt consolidation is one service offered by Freedom Debt Relief. To determine if this is the right solution, Freedom Debt Relief will speak with you about your financial burdens. They will analyze the various approaches and offer you the one that is most reasonable for the amount of debts, your credit score, and your timeline for getting out of debt. They do not offer a magic solution, but one that is best suited to your current troubles. It may be different than what you believe is required, but that only happens due to their expert knowledge of debt relief solutions.

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Debt Consolidation Care

Debt Consolidation CareDebt Consolidation Care is the third company I would recommend to you. It is no less important than the other two above and indeed has made the top three out of the 22 companies I have reviewed on this site for you. At this company they believe in being honest, fair, and prompt to help you with your debt troubles. Understand that if you only make a minimum payment and add nothing else to your debts like late fees or new charges, it can take 38 years for you to pay off your debts. This is a huge amount of time. It can also be extremely difficult to continue living in this manner.

Debt consolidation from this business works to ensure you can find relief quicker and from a trustworthy company. Throughout the last six years this company has provided numerous families with solutions to their money troubles. Working closely with staff members you will be able to find the solution that best fits your situation whether it is negotiation, settlement, or other forms of relief. Know that all staff members care greatly about your needs for debt consolidation and want to provide you with the correct relief.

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